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The #Arsenal channel will be populated during ALL Arsenal games.
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As most of you will know, there are Arsenal supporters all over the world, they are of assorted races, colours, creeds and genders. Some however find it very hard to follow Arsenal around England in their endevours. Others simply want to hang-out with people they know share their love of the mighty Gooners. Therefore, a few years ago we created a couple of IRC channels called #Arsenal and #Stadium.

The first Channel #Arsenal is used for chatting during games, whilst the second #Stadium is used exclusively for commentry. Invariably, there will be someone around the world who will be either watching the game live, listening to the game live, or have a clear "Real Audio" feed so that they can type a game commentry throughout the whole match. This channel is moderated (no speach allowed from anyone except the commentator) so that there is a completely uninterrupted game commentry.

As with other aspects of the Internet, a community spirit has built up, and you will find that there are a few regulars who are at most games: Ozgooner, Goonrgrrl, AWenger, Nobby_The_Moose and many many more. We usually have between 25 and 60 people on-line during games (depending on tv coverage).

So, why not join us for our next game (check the front page of this site for our next fixture).


We currently have backup channels registered on Sports Chat.


Well, I hope the details above have been of some help. I look forward to seeing you on-line. You may want to look out for me, my nickname is Nobby_The_Moose. Be warned though, I tend to be the most pessimistic Arsenal supporter there is. I rarely have anything positive to say (unless we are winning comfortably). I will criticise every mistake and nag and whinge throughout the game.... And, I simply love it! See you next matchday.

Nobby The Moose